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“La cucina povera
del Sud Italia ”

The South Italian cuisine of the poor

The Il Melograno team takes you on a journey from Campania via Basilicata, Apulia and Calabria to Sicily—may your palates savour classic Apulian Orecchiette with kale „Cime di Rapa“, Neapolitan innards and Capri chocolate cake. In the newest cookbook Roberto d'Atri reveals many interesting facts about the cuisine of his ancestors, the country and its people. In addition, readers get to know the correct forms of preparation and special ingredients.

„Ristorante Il Melograno“

Selected ingredients, family secrets and original recipes The new Il Melograno combines it all

Traditional recipes, which had been well-guarded by the d’Atri family for generations, were published for the first time. The spectacular dishes, photographed in stylish ambience, invite to cook them by yourself and bring inspiration into the own kitchen. The Il Melograno cookbook offers classical dishes like pasta and tiramisu as well as unusual dishes for special events. It presents the culinary highlights of the Apulian kitchen with numerous authentic specialities—for a real Mediterranean joy of living at home!

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Price: 98 Euro