We look forward to your visit!

Tested, recovered or vaccinated!

Please note the currently applicable Corona regulations—access to Il Melograno is only possible under three conditions:


  • You present a negative PCR test (maximum 72 hours old—validity 3 days)
  • or an antigen test (maximum 48 hours old—validity 2 days)
  • or an antigen self-test with a digital solution (maximum 24 hours old—validity 1 day)
  • As an exception, you can carry out an antigen self-test directly in our restaurant under the supervision of the operator or a person authorized by him on site. This “nose drill test” only takes a few minutes and is only valid for this one visit. The test must be carried out immediately after entering the restaurant. The cost of this test, which we provide, is 15 EUR.
  • For children, school tests are recognized as entry tests


  • You present a medical confirmation that you have had a SARS-CoV-2 infection within the last six months, confirmed by molecular biology
  • or proof in accordance with Section 4, Paragraph 18 of the EpiG or a separation notice, if this was issued for a person who was demonstrably ill with SARS-CoV-2 in the last six months before the planned test,
  • or proof of neutralizing antibodies that must not be older than three months


  • You bring your proof of a first vaccination valid from the 22nd day after the first vaccination, although this must not be more than 3 months ago or
  • proof of the second vaccination, whereby the first vaccination must not be more than nine months ago,
  • or proof of vaccination from the 22nd day after vaccination in the case of vaccines for which only one vaccination is planned, whereby this must not be more than 9 months ago,
  • or proof of vaccination if it was not more than 9 months ago and if there was a positive PCR test 21 days before vaccination or proof of neutralizing antibodies before vaccination

We also ask for your understanding that we have to collect the following personal data from our guests

  1. name
  2. date of birth
  3. period of validity of the evidence and
  4. barcode or QR code

In addition, we are authorized by the authorities to determine data to establish identity. In other words, we are also allowed to request ID for identity control.